Explainer: How to protect yourself from ATM card scams

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ATM scammers seize more than $100,000: NSW PoliceWhat is card skimming?

Card skimming is when someone illegally copies the information from the magnetic strip on your bank or credit card.


This can be done via an ATM or an EFTPOS machine.

Once these details are taken, a “cloned” or fake card can be created. Fraudsters can then use the fake card to make purchases using your money. They’re also able to take out loans in your name and can even steal your identity.

How do skimming devices work?

At an ATM, a card-reading device is attached on top of the normal card slot which captures data from your card’s magnetic strip. A hidden camera or a fake keypad is also attached to record your personal identification number (PIN).

A skimming device in an EFTPOS machine is hard to detect, as the modified machine looks just like a normal machine. The device captures information from the magnetic strip on the card.

Warning signs to look out for

According to ScamWatch, here are some warning signs to look out for:

Does the ATM look normal? Can you notice any unusual modifications? (e.g. glue residue, exposed wires, double-sided tape).The retail assistant takes your card out of sight in order to process the transaction.The assistant swipes the card from a machine that looks unusual or different to what you normally see.Your card is swiped more than once.How to protect yourself from card skimmingBe as discreet as possible when withdrawing money from an ATMAlways cover your hand when you enter in your PIN.If a shopkeeper tries to take your card out of your sight, ask for it back. Try to pay with cash or don’t make the purchase at all.Keep your card in sight at all times when you’re paying for something.Don’t share your PIN with anyone.Don’t keep a written copy of your PIN with your bank card.Don’t email your PIN or any personal information to someone claiming to be from your bank.Check your bank statements regularly. You can access this information immediately via online banking or your bank’s smartphone app.What to do if you suspect somethingIf you suspect your card has been skimmed, call your bank immediately.Change your PIN immediately so the fraudsters can’t access your account.Report the incident to CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000Report the scam to ScamWatch so they can investigate the matter. 


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