Robertson says he ‘has nothing to hide’

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NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson has agreed to appear before a parliamentary inquiry to answer questions about a bribe he was offered and refused.


Mr Robertson was allegedly offered a $3 million bribe in 2007, when he was boss of Unions NSW, from murdered standover man Michael McGurk over the sale of a union-owned property.

Mr Robertson is set to appear before a parliamentary inquiry in the first week of May.

“This is a move by the Liberals to distract from what will be coming out for three of their sitting MPs, three sitting Liberal MPs, at ICAC next week,” he told ABC Radio on Monday.

“I have taken up that invitation because I’ve got nothing to hide.

“There’s never been any question about my honesty and integrity.

“This is a move by the Liberal Party to simply distract from the revelations that are coming from ICAC about their MPs and the way they’ve behaved.”

NSW’s latest Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inquiry – Operation Spicer – kicks-off in Sydney on Monday.

Three former NSW Liberal MPs, Chris Hartcher, Darren Webber and Christopher Spence are being investigated over allegations of corrupt payments.

When asked on Monday why he didn’t report the 2007 bribe, Mr Robertson said he did what should have been done.

“I made it very clear to that person there was no way my integrity was for sale.”

However, Mr Robertson now believes he probably should have reported it.

“I would now, if I was in that position, obviously that’s exactly what I would do.

“At the time, I dealt with it I think in a way most people would deal with it and that is, if you’ve found yourself in that situation and you’re honest, you would simply make it abundantly clear to whoever’s sounding you out about an inappropriate offer, no way will you ever entertain it.”

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