Taiwan nuclear plant construction halted

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Taiwan will stop construction at a controversial nuclear power plant after tens of thousands of protesters blockaded a main street in the capital calling for it to be scrapped.


Demonstrators broke a police cordon to take control of a busy eight-lane intersection demanding an end to construction of the “Nuke Four” power station outside Taipei.

Later on Sunday the ruling Kuomintang party yielded to pressure and promised to stop the work.

“There will be no further construction of reactor one,” Kuomintang spokesman Fan Chiang Tai-chi told reporters.

“Only safety checks will be done and after that it will be sealed for storage. Construction of reactor two will be terminated,” he said.

“In the future, any of its commercial operation will be decided by a referendum.”

Protest leaders said on Sunday night they were meeting to discuss the announcement.

Chanting crowds gathered on Sunday morning in the square outside the presidential palace where some protesters had already staged an overnight sit-in.

Demonstrators then marched to nearby Chung-shiao West Road – an eight-lane artery adjacent the main railway station – and swarmed through police lines to occupy the street, bringing traffic to a halt.

Around half an hour later, the outnumbered riot police, who had offered no resistance, retreated to wild applause from the crowd.

Buses and other vehicles were forced to detour around the intersection and traffic ground to a halt.

Police put protester numbers at around 28,500.

The demonstrators are pledging to continue their sit-in until Tuesday, when parliament is due to meet to discuss the power plant.

The power station has been one of the most contentious projects in Taiwan. Intense political wrangling has repeatedly delayed its construction, which began in 1999 and has already cost around Tw$300 billion ($A10.80 billion).

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