WA’s troubled teen schools get extra funds

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The West Australian government has kept an election promise to provide an extra $1 million a year to schools that support troubled teenagers.


In a pre-budget announcement, Education Minister Peter Collier said Curriculum and Re-engagement (CARE) schools, which provide individual case management for students struggling to fit in with mainstream education, would get an extra $3 million in funding through to 2016/17.

Mr Collier said $1 million had already been provided in 2013/14.

He said many of the CARE school students had problems with mental and emotional health, homelessness, and drug and alcohol abuse, and needed to improve their education in order to improve their chances of a secure and productive future.

About 900 students are enrolled across 10 CARE schools in WA, up 81 per cent over the past five years.

Mr Collier also announced on Monday that the tiny local primary school at the Wheatbelt town of Miling had been re-established with full staff.

By the end of 2011, the school had just 17 students – too few to justify a local principal – so it began operating as an annexe of Moora Primary School.

But this year, there are 28 students attending the school and numbers are expected to increase to 32 in 2015.

The state budget will be handed down on May 8 and is expected to be the Barnett government’s toughest yet as it strives to reduce debt and restore WA’s previous AAA credit rating.

All WA government department heads were reportedly told last week to slash five per cent from their capital works budgets each year for the next three years.

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